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Outdoors and loving it!

It has now been nearly 5 months since we made the transition from being full time indoor studio trainers to outdoor trainers, and I must say that for me, it has been quite an enjoyable change. But more importantly, you, the hardworking half of this personal training partnership, also seem to be enjoying this new way of working out. 

As we all know, our lives are now very different to what they have been - we spend a lot more time indoors in front of screens, with reduced real human contact time each working day, as the great and powerful Zoom largely dictates how most of us now work. 

So now, when we get a chance to throw down the mouse and push back the chair, the opportunity to get outside and move our bodies is more important than ever before. 

The space, the fresh air, the natural light and the warmth of sun on the skin while being physically challenged all bring those feelings of life, but I think the biggest thing for me has been the ability to get away from the closeness of the screens and begin to once again use our long vision to see out across the park into the distance and feel a sense of space - an open space that is not defined by 4 walls.

And being out in the natural light, away from the hum of the fluro tubes, we are somehow able to experience even more creativity in our workouts, even though we are with fewer machines. Our feet may get a little wet, our hands a little grassy but you just can’t beat that ‘exercising without boundaries’ feeling - and if you think it’s good now, wait until Spring!

See you in the park!


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