On making dirty chai and giving away coffee..

Now we're not barista's and we don't claim to be experts when it comes to making coffee or brewing chai, but a truck load of enthusiasm and hundreds of brews later, we're keen to share our experiences with you and offer a little giveaway thanks to the fine folk at Bare Coffee up there in sunny QLD.

We have four coffee drinkers in our house... and one tea sipper. Only one of these four likes to stray from the standard latte or flat white. His favourite hot beverage at home is definitely a pot of thick Turkish coffee, his second best would be a well blended dirty chai, so it made lots of sense to do the workshopping with him. We made half a dozen brews in slightly different ways, and then Lachlan blew us away by making his signature cup - so good! I'll give you some tips on how to make the Lachlan Special later on.

Brewing with leaves and beans at home isn't for everyone, you need equipment and time, but the results are always worthwhile. Although I'm not a coffee drinker, my family will vouch for Bare's cold brew coffee as the perfect alternative to coffee machines and beans. It's full bodied and clean, and can be heated with milk for a hot drink, or poured over ice and/or milk for something cool and refreshing. It's also perfect for making dirty chai!

So what is dirty chai? It is simply a chai brew with a shot or so of espresso coffee added to it. The resulting flavour is spicy and warm, with that espresso kick. Here's two ways to make it;

  1. Boil the jug and add a heaped tablespoon of our Nomad Sticky Chai to a 2/3 cup pot.

  2. Get your milk heating in a pot on the stove - you'll want around 1.5 cups. We used soy milk, but you can use whatever your milk of choice is.

  3. By now the jug has boiled. Pour around ½ cup of water into your pot and let the brew steep. Keep an eye on your milk - you don't want it to boil..

  4. Now that your milk is nice and hot, add the shot of coffee and give it a swirl.

  5. Gently pour the milk mixture into the chai pot and let it brew for another couple of minutes.

  6. You're ready to sip.

For a more traditional way of brewing your chai, try this...

  1. Put 1 heaped tablespoon of our chai and 1.5 cups of milk into your pot. Gently heat the mixture stirring frequently until it's nice and warm.

  2. Once your brew reaches the desired temperature, add your coffee shot and swirl to combine.

  3. Strain your brew off into a cup and enjoy!

Lachlan's Tips

1. Brew your chai in some boiling water, add a little ground cinnamon and cardamom and a touch of honey.

2. Then add your cold brew coffee and stir gently and lovingly to combine.

3. Let your brew sit while you heat your milk.

4. Add the milk to the chai pot. Give it a swirl.

5. Strain it in to your cup and top with a little extra cinnamon.


We have a dozen or so 3-shot bottles of Bare Cold Brew Coffee to giveaway... we'd love you to give our dirty chai experiments a go, so we'll throw a Bare coffee into every order of sticky chai for the next 7 days or until we run out of coffee. Don't forget, if you live in the Ryde/Gladesville/Hunters Hill area, enter the code LoveLocal for free delivery!

Happy Brewing!!

Mel & Lachlan

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